A State where all residents are healthy



To provide quality, effective, comprehensive, affordable and accessible health services for the promotion of the general well being of the people in Gombe State through implementation of appropriate policies and programmes for Primary Health Care Services in partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders.


  1. To fast track the development of Primary Health Care Structure and Services in the State;
  2. To ensure equitable distribution of facilities within the state; and
  3. To enable the state facilitate the implementation of the “community Health Insurance” in collaboration with the National Health Insurance Scheme.


 The functions of the agency shall be to:

  1. Review the existing health policies in the state
  2. Provide relevance in the development of primary health care and primary health facilities.
  3. Propose necessary changes on the existing policies
  4. Study state health plans for primary care at various levels under its supervision to ensure their relevance
  5. Promote and monitor the implementation of health plans in the state primary health care system
  6. Provide strategic technical support for the implementation of priority primary health care components
  7. Mobilize resource within state, nationally and internationally in support of the programmes of the agency
  8. Ensure effective implementation and supervision of all primary health care activities as well as monitoring for the maintenance of minimum acceptable standard
  9. Ensure effective community involvement and participation in all primary health care activities
  10. Strengthen referral and linkage with other branches of the health sector especially in the areas of Maternal Neonatal Child Health, Reproductive Health and other ailments with a view to significantly reduce morbidity and mortality
  11. Develop sound data base for effective planning, implementation and supervision of all primary health care activities in the state
  12. Develop effective programming for training and re-training of all primary health care providers in the state, including the communities.
  13. Encourage effective collaboration with other sectors (public and private) at all levels in the development and support of primary health care system to avoid duplication of efforts and waste of resources
  14. Take over and oversee the running of comprehensive health centers, primary health care centers and such primary health care facilities located in the state as may be determine by the Governor.
  15. Provide and maintain all infrastructure and equipment as well as employ and discipline of staff of the facilities under its direct supervision.
  16. Ensure the implementation of all relevant primary health care policies with regards to facilities, equipment and staff under its care.
  17. Promote multi sectored and multi-disciplinary collaboration and encourage networking among the various stake holders.
  18. Do anything which in the opinion of the Governing council is designed to facilitate the carrying out of the activities of the Agency.
  19. Take over and perform all functions relating to primary health care services delivery hitherto performed by other Ministries, Agencies and Departments