The fight against the  menace HIV/AIDS is endless and as such continuous effort is being made to see that the spread of the disease is reduced to a minimal level, in an effort to achieving global target of “Getting to zero new HIV infections, Zero AIDS-related deaths and illness and Zero HIV discrimination” in Gombe state and Nigeria.

The National Validation is conducted twice in a year to highlight the progresses, achievements and lessons learnt in the implementation of HIV/AIDS interventions by all states and implementing partners. Also, challenges and areas for further strengthening in the coming semester (6 months) were reckoned.

This meeting usually provide very useful information for strategic decision making at all levels for improved HIV/AIDS programming.


The primary objective of these meeting is to collate the 1st and 2nd quarter 2018 HIV/AIDS health sector data and

To conduct quality check on the collated data collated. And also

To develop strategies toward an improved health sector HIV/AIDS data

All these is done toward knowing the number of new Clients and those already provided with Anti Retro-viral Therapy (ART),  and  to the level of effectiveness in  preventive measure put in place.

Anti Retro – Viral Therapy is a drug given to an infected person to suppress viral replication which restores the immune system, slow or halts disease progression and improves quality of life.

The Gombe State AIDS and STIs Control Program is a  Unit of Disease Control in GSPHCDA was in attendance and presented their data to the National AIDS & STIs  Control Program ( NASCP) . From 30th/August – 2nd September, 2018. @ Pyramid Hotel kaduna.



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