As part of plans to have coordination among the Additional Financing-Nigeria State Health Investment Project in the North East, the NPHCDA in collaboration with the GSPHCDA organized a two days zonal review meeting to deliberate and learn from experience of the AF-NSHIP states. The project sets to improve the quality and quantity of healthcare service delivery through the use of high impact maternal and childcare interventions.

The meeting also gives an insight on the improvements recorded in the contracted PBF health facilities through the AF-NSHIP project in the zone. Series of presentations on strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats were made by the participants on the project in various AF-NSHIP states. Gombe state is said to have improve its quality of healthcare delivery from a baseline of 9% to 40% within six months through the AF-NSHIP/PBF Project.

The participants of the zonal meeting were later divided into groups were they visited the PBF health facilities in Gombe LGA to see the achievements attained through the project.

The meeting was attended by personnel from the World Bank, NPHCDA/NSHIP, five north eastern AF-NSHIP PIUs/SPHCDA states (Gombe, Borno, Yobe, Bauchi and Taraba states), Federal and State Ministries of Health, Federal and State Ministries of Finance, State Ministry of economic planning, Independent Verification Agencies, IVAs and the Contract Management Verification Agencies, CMVAs among other partners.


  1. i commended the world bank,nigerian government and gombbe state government in emberking on such a wonderful project in gombe state

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