Disease Control and Immunization Department has the following units:-

  • State AIDS and SITs Control Program Unit
  • State Immunisation Program Unit
  • Malaria Elimination  Program Unit
  • TB and Leprosy Control  Program Unit
  • Neglected Tropical Disease  Unit
  1. State AIDS and STIs Control Program (SASCP)  is a unit under Disease Control Department of the State Primary Health Care Development Agency

It was established in 1996, under State Ministry of Health, when Gombe State was created saddle with the responsibility

  • To ensure that quality services are provided to people living with HIV and AIDS
  • It guides and Coordinate disease Prevention activities such as:-
  • HIV counselling and testing
  • Prevention of Mother to Child transmission of HIV
  • Blood safety and behavioural change communication for proper use of condom

Geographical Area of coverage

SASCP formed at the State level to coordinate the HIV/AIDS Health sector  response  at (Tertiary, Secondary, LGAs  Facilities).

 Service  Coverage

  • The HIV/AIDS services cover the state through the following thematic areas
  • 24 Anti Retro viral Therapy Services
  • 244 HIV Testing Services
  • 214 PMTCT  Services
  • 71 TB/HIV services
  • 3 One Stop Shop

Responsibilities of SASCP

  • Development of State level Health sector plan for HIV and AIDS within the frame work of the State strategic plan and the National strategic plan
  • Ensure implementation of Health sector activities of HIV and AIDS
  • Identification of gaps in the Health sector response to HIV activities at State level, LGA level and Facility level
  • Ensure quality service provision to people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Compilation of data and Maintaining a data base on health sector response to HIV and AIDS activities
  • Collection of M&E data on Health sector HIV activities
  • Transmission of information of Health sector
  • intervention to Federal Ministry of Health
  • SASCP collaborate with RH, TB control programme, GomSACA and Partners

Partners working with SASCP

  • Lead Partner CIHP
  • WHO
  • MSH
  • SFH
  • Federal Ministry of Health


In order to enhance the coordination of HIV activities in the State, the federal ministry of Health and its implementing partners have come up with a new modality where only one implementing partner operates in a State.

  • By this arrangement, the lead implementing partner, CIHP has taken over all the activities of other Partners, (FHI 360, IHVN, and HYGEIA) in the state.
  • PMTCT sites have been scaled up from 83 to 214 sites
  • HCT sites 224 sites
  • TBHIV sites have been scaled up from 23 to 71 sites
  • The TB and HIV collaboration has been strengthened as there is joint monitoring and supportive supervision in place.
  • SASCP with support from MSH have reviewed it’s 2013 to 2014  operational plan
  • National AIDS and Reproductive Health Survey plus survey were conducted in all the LGAs in 2012.
  • National HIV Sero- Sentinel survey among women attending antenatal clinics was conducted between November 2013 to February 2014.
  • It also attended semesters National Data Validation bi- annually.
  • AHNin One Stop Shop in 3 senatorial district  in order to achieve the epidemic control  in general population within the key population

State Prevalence Rate

2. Malaria Elimination Unit